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Standing desk for your health?

Desks in Portland Oregon Does sitting at your desk take years off your life? Well, yes and no. It’s true that sitting all day, every day, can take a toll on your physical health, but so can laying in bed all day or watching tv uninterrupted for too many hours. Many studies surrounding the sitting versus standing debate have put fear in every Nine-To-Fiver whose job is essentially to sit at a computer all day long. In reality, most of us realize it’s healthier to move around and that anytime we prolong sedentary habits we need to balance the scales with some form of activity in our day. It’s easy to see that standing burns more calories as you are supporting all of your body weight and most likely shifting your weight back and forth from one leg to the other. Challenging your body to support your weight will indeed cause it to work harder and has some positive results when compared with sitting. Those who stand and walk more in comparison to those who don’t are typically in better physical condition. Ultimately, sitting for long periods should be avoided by taking walking breaks which will also improve circulation and help balance out your caloric expenditure. But calories aside, what is the price you pay physiologically? Both sitting and standing have their pros and cons. And you can do both incorrectly. Wait, there’s a proper way to sit and stand? Yes and yes! A lot of health issues attributed to sitting and standing stem from postural issues. Have you heard of “texting neck”? It’s exactly what it sounds like; strain from the posture your neck takes whilst texting (and gaming and scrolling etc). The term got coined because people bend their chin down to look at waist or chest level, where their arms are comfortable, but their neck is off balance from this position and the weight of their head is causing strain on their neck. The same applies to standing and sitting. You can put strain on your body by slouching when you sit as well as looking down when you stand. The key is to use the right kind of desk for your eye level. Make sure you adjust your standing desk to your eye level. We at Desks Inc believe you can and should be responsible with your health whether in a chair or on two feet. We’ll leave that to you. Whatever working position you decide is the right fit for your lifestyle and helps you get the job done, we have options for you. We carry a wide selection of both traditional desks and chairs as well as adjustable desks for standing. What’s our preference when it comes to sitting or standing desks? We believe it’s nice to have both so you can alternate!


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